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유럽 최고 대형 커피머신 리더인 Bianchi Indusry 기술력!


We are a company that has been looking towards the future since 1959.
COMPANY  Bianchi Industry is a leading European manufacturer of vending machines and professional coffee machines for the Ho.Re.Ca market. After a hiatus of six years, the company is now back in the hands of the Trapletti family. Research and technological development are the cornerstone of the company’s activity. Bianchi Industry now has solid foundations and is looking toward the future to anticipate the demands of the market, and to bring to the present the "tomorrow" of Vending. The group is considered as an institution of the market, both by virtue of the patented Espresso Group, and because of the continuous technological developments that characterize the product offer, consisting of machines that are more and more integrated, interactive, and intuitive. Bianchi Industry, in a few words, is a unique choice in the entire national and international panorama of the vending market.